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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms of provision of legal advising

According to this terms the services are provided by “National Legal Service” LLC.

  • The “Personal Lawyer” service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) is the product of “National Legal Service” LLC, which provides exclusively advising on legal issues.
  • The advising is provided for free.
  • The advising concludes definition and presentation of applicable legal acts, legal norms, its content on the issue presented by the person asking the question (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”).
  • The Clients are capable physical persons.
  • The forms of receiving legal advising are:
  • The Client bears responsibility for the completeness and truthfulness of the information (description of details of the situation) provided by him/her, as well as availability of contact data for contacting back with him/her.
  • During first contact to the Service the Client is obliged to provide data for the purposes of the clause 9 of this Terms – name, surname, phone number, address (city) and other data.
  • Applying to the Service the Client gives his/her consent for processing his/her personal data (including name, surname, phone number, address (city) and other data) provided during provision of legal advising by the Service.
  • The Service implements the collection and processing of personal data of the Client for the following purposes:
    • 9.1. Identification of the Client;
    • 9.2. Improvement of the quality of the services, convenience of getting the service;
    • 9.3. Provision of statistical and other surveys based on anonymous data.
  • The Service ensures that personal and confidential data provided by the Client to the Service for provision of the service, shall be used in accordance with the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
  • The specialists of the Service register the question immediately after the call.
  • In order to improve the quality of the service all calls are recorded. The record is kept for one year period of time (365 days) after the moment of the call.
  • The advising is provided based on sequence order: recorded calls are examined by the specialists based on time sequence order and responses are provided to the Clients via calling back. Exceptions from this rule are those questions, intending urgent response and/or the resolution, responses are provided during reasonable, as short as possible period of time.
  • In case of necessity, the specialist may invite the Client to the office of the Service for the provision of the advising. In this case the duration of free advising may not exceed 20 minutes.
  • The Service does not pretend and does not provide official explanation of legal acts of the Republic of Armenia and provides the advising based on the accumulated experience of its professionals, the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and formulated legal practice. The services has an advisory nature.
  • The Service bears responsibility for the quality of the advising provided by its specialists, except those cases determined in the clause 6 of this Terms.
  • This document is concluded in Armenian, English and Russian languages. In case of any discrepancy connected with any phrase, definition and sense used in this document the Armenian text shall prevail.
  • The Service has the right to unilaterally make amendments in this Terms. All amendments in this Terms are approved by the order of the director of the Service and published in the official website of the Service -։
  • These Terms are in force from the publish date in the official website of the Service.

“National Legal Service” LLC

Address: 45 Orbeli Brothers, Yerevan, RA

TIN 09426122

Director M. Shikanyan