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Work permission

Since January 1st of 2019 the form of signing work contracts with foreigners has stricted. Before accepting foreigner for work the employer has to observe the defined procedure. Otherwise and employer and employee will be subjected to administrative liability.

So, firstly the employer must try to fill the vacancy with citizen of the Republic of Armenia by representing the description of vacancy to The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

In cases when within a defined period the authorized body can’t find the candidate who correspond to requirements or if the employer denied the nominated candidate, the employer can find another foreigner who correspond to requirements and apply to authorized body to get a permission for a current foreign employee, for a current period by presenting the documents which are established by the decision of the Government of Armenia:

Only by receiving the work permission the employer can sign the work contract (or service delivery contract) by the expiry date of work permission with the foreigner.

Based on the work permission the foreigner can already apply for getting the resident status. There are some cases which are defined by law when getting the work permission isn’t necessairy. If you have any questions conserning this field you can make a contact with our advocates.

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