Warning to our companies

Tour agencies become victims of recently increased swindling cases.

The main mechanism is the following:

  • A tour agency receives a letter allegedly from UNDP /United Nations Development Program/, moreover, the letter is sent from a person’s name who works there.
  • The content is that tour agencies are offered to cooperate with UNDP, support realizing international programs, particularly book, purchase tickets, hotel rooms etc., for employees of organization as partners.
  • After confirmation and beginning of cooperation they ask for the first service: buy tickets for some direction.
  • Tour agency obtains tickets for the company, provides tickets’ details and account. But no payment is being made.
  • As the people who send letters are not related with UNDP, they just return tickets to the airline, get the money back and disappear.
  • Such letter has been sent to our partner “Ayrarat tour”. Fortunately, they noticed swindling attributes immediately. After consulting the case with “Personal Lawyer” team specialists, the situation was clear. The letter was definitely sent not from UNDP representative and there were no humanitarian aims to visit other countries. This information is published to note all tour agencies. In case of receiving such letters, ignore them and never try to cooperate with them. If an offer is too attractive, surely consult it with lawyers before confirmation of cooperation. Otherwise you will have to spend lots of money and time applying to different law enforcement bodies.
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