Visit Armenia: Renderforest՛s video traveling guide across the country

''Working in a city-based IT company for years, somehow you feel, that you're missing something''... ''and that's the time when you understand, there is so much to discover far from this rocky city''.

That's how the video starts. Renderforest team launched a big journey to discover Armenia's unknown beauty. This guide tells why you should see Armenia, why you should finally get rid of the busy, never ending cities and discover a new world, where you'll explore the other human inside of you.

''There's something in our life, which height is forever: mountains...''.

People of mountains, forests, lakes, nature and peace...

Thanks to this nice video guide you should understand why it's worth not only to travel, but also to live in Armenia.

And if you are interested, you can scroll below, get acquainted with the law draft, that's about amendments and supplements in the Law of citizenship of the Republic of Armenia. The draft has two main ideas:

1. Toughen requirements for becoming a citizen with a general procedure;

2. Add a new opportunity allowing to receive citizenship by investments.

And also you can leave your contacts to our migration law specialist so as to know if you can acquire citizenship or resident status in Armenia now.

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