Legalization of drug sales

The draft law on making amendments to the RA Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, circulated by the RA Government, is being discussed since spring of this year. Adoption of the draft will give opportunity to use prohibited substances for scientific, educational, expertise goals. It will be permitted to be carried out by Sole Proprietors or Legal Entities licensed for production of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or their precursors. The draft was impetuously discussed and there were people pros and cons. Some people justified being opposite with the fact that all countries where use of drugs was lawful initially legalized use of prohibited substances for scientific, educational, expertise goals and then expand permissible limits. Some people think that scientific, educational and expertise concepts are quiet unclear. 57% of the votes on the official website are for the project and 43% are against it. Let’s understand what the society thinks about this draft.

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