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​What is necessary for state registration of NGO

What is necessary for state registration of NGO

A non-profit organization is created to unite individuals and/or legal entities to meet their non-material needs and to engage in public-private activities.

A non-governmental organization may be established by two persons at least: individuals and/or legal entities.

First of all, they should determine the name of the NGO that should not be identical to the name of another non-governmental organization, and that name should have a special or common name for the distinctive meaning in Armenian that will reflect the purpose of the organization.

It is therefore crucial that the founders decide on the subject and objectives of the NGO as the NGO has the right to operate within the framework of these goals.

By forming an idea about these important facts, the founders may assemble the founding assembly of the organization to decide on the establishment of the organization, approve the charter of the organization and elect the head of the organization's executive body.

Prior to submitting a registration package of the NGO, it is necessary to pay more attention to the organization's charter, which should contain information on all the above clauses, and also address a number of other issues identified by law.

It should be taken into consideration that the registration of a non-governmental organization can become a complicated and long-term process, unless the details/documents are carefully examined by the employees of the State Register of Legal Persons and your application may be denied if you have incorrect or incomplete documents.

Therefore, we recommend to contact with our attorneys that before registering an NGO, who will not only provide free consultations, but will also prepare all the documents for you and register the NGO in the State Registry.

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