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Legal Prophylaxis

The term prevention (Πρόφύλακτικός, prophylaktikos, protected, alerted) is otherwise referred to as pneumonia or prophylaxis (precautionary prevention).

It is a set of measures aimed at protecting health, preventing and spreading human health, improving physical development of the population, maintaining workability and ensuring longevity, as well as improving the state of different devices.

This concept is used in various spheres of public life, but it is well known that it is primarily used in medicine and then in sanitation, social and economic spheres.

Still in the old world there was an idea of the concept of prophylaxis as follows: maintaining personal hygiene and proper diet for preventing diseases. However, the notion of scientifically clear and final formulation and dissemination was already in the 19th century. The advanced doctors in the period considered that the future of medicine is in the proximity of prophylaxis and close interaction between healing and preventive medicine. Well-known surgeon Nikolay Pirogov said: "The future is for preventive medicine."

The concept of legal prophylaxis is primarily understood in the following sense: the use by the state of a variety of mechanisms, legislative measures, substantial material investments, and the joint activities of state, a number of enterprises and organizations in the field of public order, law enforcement /fight against crime, reduction in violations/. This implies the so-called social prophylaxis. The concept of legal prophylaxis also has its second type of personalized prophylaxis. In other words, the steps he / she undertakes to avoid the "illness" in the legal field. In the previous chapter /medicine sphere/, these steps presuppose proper diet, hygiene care, pre-consultation with a physician, and individual prophylaxis in the legal field:

  • Recognition of Ownership Rights
  • Stable, clear performance of responsibilities
  • Knowledge of the country's Constitution, laws, and other regulatory legal acts
  • Pre-consultation with field specialists, lawyers before the problem's complications (or even becoming unsuccessful).

Therefore, both in the field of medicine and in the legal field, we think the future is the legal prophylaxis. In the near future the public consciousness will be strengthened in the fact that it is more accessible and effective to address beforehand and initially to neutralize the possibility of legal problems rather than to wait, to ignore and to face a difficult situation in the future.

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