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Who is a Personal Lawyer?

Personal lawyer is also called a family lawyer or a personal family lawyer. He is a trusted advisor to a person or family who throughout his lifetime helps to make the right decisions in all kinds of legal relationships. This is a widespread institute worldwide. It is known that significant social, political, cultural figures and their families have their own personal lawyer who accompanies them in any legal relationship. In parallel with this, a number of state and non-governmental organizations work in a number of countries to take steps to raise public awareness, trying to legally protect them. Some of them focus on a particular group of society (for example, disabled people, convicts, soliders, pensioners, mothers, etc.), and by implementing various programs, they try to act as a personal lawyer of that group / protecting their interests by providing free consultation or training them.

We have decided to engage in broader activities as targeted to all citizens of our country, trying to provide support to anyone who will appeal to us. Thus, we provide 24/7 access to multi-channel telephone 044 24 00 24 from anywhere in the world / well, +374 44 24 00 24` viber, whatsapp, telegram, zangi version /.Calls are received by professional lawyers and consulted by all branches of law (also in English, Russian and French). We provide full confidentiality.Thus, our team works to save time for the citizens to defend their rights in all kinds of public relations, to ensure access to a lawyer of their choice at the moment.

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