“Personal Lawyer” helps protect rights free

“National Legal Service” company provides 24-hour free legal advice to every applicant for already one year. As a result Personal Lawyer service becomes available and accessible for everyone.

Banks.am discovered all details of company’s activity with the head of “National Legal Service” and its lawyers.

Founding history

We have founded “National Legal Service on 2018”, now we are 10 in our main team.

In the beginning we were providing mainly classic legal services to individuals and legal entities.

In the end of 2018 we realized that we earn enough money and we can provide free legal counseling. The aim is to raise legal sense of justice of people.

The counseling has a preventive function as well. After getting advice, a person will be informed about his/her rights and responsibilities, once appeared in such situations.

How to ask a question and receive a complete answer

Applicant can ask any legal question and receive complete answer by entering question in “Get free consultation” field in “Personal Lawyer” website.

Our specialists answer to questions sent to “Forum” in the same field as soon as possible. Frequently many of applicants want to stay anonymous or don’t want to raise a question. The Service ensures complete confidentiality. So the question can be askes anonymously as well.

24 hours a day free consulting is also available by phone (044240024) and by the most common messenger.

Not following others example

Questions or calls are responded immediately by lawyers, not secretaries or other employees.

In this field people are often offered with open advertising materials to call, receive primary consulting and after that companies invite them to offices and try to make people pay for that service, while we consider, that often there is no need to visit the office.

We don’t have primary counseling, if you provide advice, you understand what is the problem, cause and effect relationship and possible solutions. Our lawyers do all this free.

Why free

“Personal Lawyer” team decided to take on some social responsibility, support people get acquainted with legislation, become more protected in legal sphere and avoid problems by getting consultation beforehand as much as possible. Sometimes questions are quiet simple and consulting is provided within few minutes.

The effectiveness of such assistance forms confidence of the client towards the professionals.

Being convinced of the accuracy and effectiveness of the consultation, the client trusts us to solve other legal issues in the future.

“Personal Lawyer” like in movies

Many people think, that jurisprudence has negative element, that is if a person needs to turn to lawyer, it means that something unpleasant has happened. But legal risks should also be assessed when launching a business, investing or for example acquiring capital.

We also try to break the stereotype, that jurisprudence is expensive service and implies huge expenses and only rich people can have personal lawyer. We haven’t chosen the name of service by accident. The client obtains personal lawyer by having opportunity to receive free consultation 24 hours a day.

20-50 calls day and night

We can divide into two parts questions given to us: similar questions, that are given every day and we know answer by heart (a pensioner who is abroad wants to authorize others to receive money, heritage issues, problems with compulsory enforcement service) and “time-requiring” questions, which need team discussions, studies.

We are glad, when people ask questions beforehand, before facing any problem.For example people ask, do they have to write application for dismissal, when employer force them to do that? As a result, they become aware of their rights and become able to protect their rights independently.

Often we act as mediators between banks and citizens and reach reconciliation, so there is no need for the case to reach the court.

Not only the free service is a novelty

We have presented a legislative initiative. Having an aim to support economic development and increase the investments we have created a project due to which we offer changes in the law of RA '' About citizenship''.

In accordance with our initiative the foreigners who will make investments in Armenia or make donations in Armenia or to special targeted funds or invest in deposit in banks or will obtain real estate will be able to get Armenian citizenship by an easier procedure.

Parallelly the law in force should be restricted, now citizenship of RA can get a person who lives in Armenia for 3 years and knows the language. According to our offer the threshold of necessary years shall be raised (for example – up to 5 years) for the people to understand and value the advantages of being a citizen of RA.

The whole text of legislative initiative is published in company's website in Armenian, English, Russian. We are sure that the initiative will interest the Government of RA and National Assembly.

The author of the article-Amalie Khachatryan

Photos by Shake Hovhannisyan

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