May Youri Djorkaeeff get Armenian citizenship

Today one of the most circulated news is visit of legendary footballer, French national team attacker Youri Dzorkaeff to Armenia. He is one of the most famous Armenian footballers in the world, he was a member оf “golden” team in 1990’s in France, champion of the world in 1998 and champion of Europe in 2000. Recently he mentioned that people in Armenia have not only big hearts but also brilliant minds. What do you think, would he like to live in Armenia one day. And what are legal regulations, may he also become an Armenian citizen. Now we have Law of the Republic of Armenia on “Citizenship of the Republic of Armenia”. There is also a law draft developed by “Personal Lawyer” about amendments to the RA law on Citizenship. If you are interested, you can get acquainted with legislative draft a little below and understand requirements of current regulations and draft to get Armenian citizenship. Note that the draft has 2 main ideas, 1. criteria for acquiring Armenian citizenship are toughen for not ethnic Armenians 2. create new opportunities to acquire citizenship by making investments.

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