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Litigation of irreversible administrative decisions

It is common, that when citizens discover, that the Compulsory Enforcement Service has initiated enforcement proceeding, for example about non paid administrative acts, and their property and (money) has been imposed.

When submitting monetary claim to compulsory enforcement, administrative body must present administrative act, which corroborates monetary claim, prooves about informing or handing the act in the manner prescribed by law, entering into force and becoming unappealable. If you are not aware of what administrative act has been instituted by enforcement proceeding and you are sure that you have not been notified about that administrative act, it becomes obvious that the Compulsory Enforcement Service didn't have the right to incite enforcement proceeding. Consequently, you have a right to apply to the court and require to recognize the absence of a legally binding obligation on public monetary claims and eliminate the banning decision.

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