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Adoption of Heritage by actual possession

As it’s well known, for “getting” the inheritance the heir has to accept it within six months of the date of opening the inheritance. It refers and to inheritance by law and to inheritance by testament. But often because of poor knowledge of the law, the heirs don’t represent the relevant application to notary of the place of opening of the heritage, which can be viewed as the heir doesn’t accept the heritage or the heir has refused it. But there is another mode of accepting the heritage, which is defined by law. So, the heritage is being accepted by the heir when he started to factualy dominate or manage the inherited property including when the heir.

1) has taken steps for maintaining the property and protecting it from the from the encroachments of third parties or protecting it from ambitions.

2) has done expenses for protecting the property at his own expense

3) has payed the debts of the hereditary at his own expense or had accepted the amount due to the successor

The mentioned above activities which are established by law have to be done within six months of the date of opening the inheritance and to present the correspond evidences to notary who after recognize the person as a heir who accepted the inheritance. You can apply to our advocates if you have any questions concerning the inheritance. Our advocates will give you a free consultation and if it is necessary they will accompany the process.

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