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The Personal Lawyer works with 24/7 regime. Anyone from anywhere can call 044 24 00 24/ also` +374 44 24 00 24` viber, whatsapp, telegram, zangi/ and can get a free consultation conserning any legal question. To all calls are answering lawyers, they give you a free consultation, and if it is necessary they offer other legal services. Service guarantees a full confidentiality. For relieve the costumer care as much as it possible and for offering more effective services The Personal Lawyer has created a team of many advocates who are specialized in different branches of law and who run their activities in different regions of Armenia. As a result The service has an opportunity to support the costumer to find the most convenient advocate. So the mission of The Personal Lawyer is to act as a costumer’s personal, universal lawyer, save their time, be always in connect, give answer to any question, suggest possible solutions for any situation.

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